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Welcome to Scott Coon SciFi

Thank you for visiting my site. Here you will find links to my published works, novel previews, and unpublished exclusives. Read, enjoy, and please leave comments. Also see the new resources for writers, starting with The Little Creative Interview. Friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, email me, or just learn more about me on my About Me page.

~~~ On This Site ~~~


In Published Stories you will find links to all of my published works including “The Hero Rush” which was featured in Bewildering Stories’ Quarterly Review and “The Laughing Bombs” which was chosen by Bewildering Stories for their 2011 Annual Review, The Mariner Awards. My short stories have also appeared in Sonar 4, HUNGUR, Pariah, and other magazines. Be sure to read two of my favorites, "Type II Agoraphobia" and "Happy Pills and Candy Bars."

If the published work is available in print or on line, you will find a link to where you can read my story from the publisher. If the story is no longer available from the publisher and the rights have reverted back to me, you will find a link to a PDF of the story. Please, leave comments and Enjoy!


In A Little on Writing I try to tackle common writers' problems with simple and specific solutions. Learn what VOICE is. Learn how to take control of your own voice, using your voice to give each sentence and each scene the feel you want it to have. Also, learn my method of overcoming WRITER'S BLOCK, a method taught to computer programmers to overcome programmer's block but also excellent for writer's block.


The Little Creative Interview is a collection of interviews with creative professionals. It is five little questions with a lot of potential. Get to know authors such as Pippa Jay, P Andrew Miller, and Maxwell Alexander Drake--the Lead Fiction Writer for Sony Online Entertainment's newest Massively Multiplayer Online Role playing Game - EverQuest Next! EverQuest is one of the oldest MMO franchises in the world. From these professionals, learn about the creative side of writing and other art forms. But also learn about the business side of the creative arts--learn the business from the people who have had success in it.


About Me is about me. It tells a little bit about what I've been doing with my time on this planet. It includes links to my old U.S. Military units in Korea, Kuwait, and Georgia. I was lucky enough to become an Intelligence Analyst and hold an above Top Secret clearance. My work product went to the NSA, the Pentagon, and the White House, when it was not going into the shredder. Now I am a computer programmer and, of course, a science fiction writer trying to become a science fiction author.