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A Novel by Scott Coon

When his dad goes missing, DJ finds a file containing evidence of a secret war of industrial sabotage, a file encrypted by his dad using DJ's song Lost Helix. Caught in a crossfire of lies, DJ must find his father and the mother he never knew.


A Reading from My Debut Novel


My LOST HELIX YouTube Playlist

It includes videos about the Science Fiction that inspired LOST HELIX


Dark Horses: The Magazine of Weird Fiction No. 26

March 2024

Twin brothers, Ceasar and Julius, are the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize ever. Their work opened the door to interstellar travel. But doesn’t mean Mom is going to stop driving them toward success.


A Los Angeles National Novel Writing Month Anthology

Edited by Joy Park-Thomas



In the course of our ever-changing "new normal" of pandemic life, have we lost touch with common humanity ... or expanded the definition of it? Who are you really, when your Second Life spouse is a First Life stranger; when you've turned into someone else you know; or when you prefer the unearthly foreigner you've become?


A Anthology edited by

Terrie Leigh Relf & Marcia A Borell


TANGLED FATE by Scott Coon

Enjoy peering into all of these literal and figurative purses, not to mention a variety of containment systems! Viewing the contents of a woman's purse can be a frightening experience, or so I've been told . . . We would extend this fright to include men's satchels, go-bags, and such. Artists, poets, and storywriters reach into their collective psyches to bring forth these oft quirky, occasionally demented, and definitely fantastical tales!


Pirate Hotdogs

Mobius, Journal for Social Change 2021

As other crimes unfold around them, the police officers of Space Station E12 chase an illegal food truck, and the C.H.I.E.F. is there to ensure they stay on mission in this surreal comedy.

Sixth Annual Los Angeles NaNo Anthology 2019 ~ Finalist

Enduring Winter

In a frozen world where global warming has turned itself upside down, 16-year old Nate discovers dangerous technology from a previous age.

Appeared in...

Bewildering Stories Issue 849

... and was chosen for ...

Bewildering Stories’ Second Quarterly Review 2020

Their criterion: “If a friend asked you to recommend something outstanding from the past quarter of Bewildering Stories, what are your favorites? What would you choose?”


NESFA SciFi & Fantasy Short Story Contest 2016 -- First Runner Up

Writers of the Future Anthology 2016 -- Finalist

The Loneliest Advertisement Bot

Bewildering Stories 2019

The lonely ad bot went into the wilds of the internet again, determined to make a true friend today, and then help its true friend live a happier life through the deliciousness of Yum-E-Yum Gum.

This story was featured in issue 800 and Bewildering Stories’ First Quarterly Review of 2019.

The Workforce Drive

Bewildering Stories 2017

The two McKenna Mining Incorporated employees inside the shuttle had no idea that Bob was out on their hull. Their ignorance was essential, because Bob’s job was that of the mythical gremlin.

The -Ghost- Lost Ship

Nth Degree 2013

The -Ghost- Lost Ship was published by Nth Degree in 2013. Ed smoked menthols. He salvaged them from an old space freighter. Of course, to him they were just freighters. I mean, he’s in space so why would he call them space freighters? Really?

The Hero Rush

Bewildering Stories 2012

Bewildering Stories published "The Hero Rush" in 2012. It was also featured in Bewildering Stories’ Quarterly Review.

Heroes of the Hydra

Bewildering Stories 2012

Heroes of the Hydra, Bewildering Stories, 2012. “Don’t stop counting!” yelled an unfamiliar woman in an unfamiliar uniform. Hank realized he wore a uniform like hers. “1- 2-3! 1-2-3!” she ordered before firing out the window. “Don’t stop counting!”

The Laughing Bombs

Bewildering Stories 2011

The Laughing Bombs, a surreal trek through the front lines of war, was published by Bewildering Stories, November 2011.

The Laughing Bombs was featured in Bewildering Stories' 4th Quarterly Review 2011, and their Annual Review 2011, The Mariner Awards.

Type II Agoraphobia

Pariah 2011

Type II Agoraphobia, Pariah, 2011. Shane, at the end of a cord of six and seven year-olds tied to Janet’s waist, had it looped, thwarting Janet’s attempt to get away from his questions. Another boy tested the cord by launching himself into space.

Trademark a Tragedy

Nth Degree 2010

Trademark a Tragedy was published by Nth Degree, April 2010. Fear swells his eye. The bar code scanner falls, scanning on its way down. Beep. Beep. Beep. Kevin runs for the panic button but too late. A heavy legal document stops him in his tracks.

The Last Mortician

Pariah 2010

The Last Mortician was published by Pariah in 2010. “I couldn’t take another one jumping out of the coffin,” said Owen as he sat in the tavern by the deep red sea. He’d been the town’s only mortician. Now he’d go down as the planet’s last mortician.

Happy Pills and Candy Bars


Happy Pills and Candy Bars was published by HUNGUR #6, May 2009. The old, grey Captain just wanted to fill those cargo drones with ore until he had enough money to cruise around in a house shuttle. I’m pretty sure he was trying to kill me.

Ghosts of Liberty

SONAR 4 2009

Ghosts of Liberty, Sonar4, 2009. The Grey Ghost seized The Liberty of the Stars, what they were here for. But Greg had what he wanted, hundreds of Derelicts, just as he’d predicted! Now he needed to get to civilization and away from these criminals.

Morbid Silence


Morbid Silence was published by HUNGUR Magazine in May 2008. Tradition dictated that Victoria hunt Luke down but Victoria didn’t need tradition telling her what to do; the bastard had taken her blood and she was going to wring it from his ashes.

Crypt Hound


Crypt Hound was published by HUNGUR Magazine in May 2007. Victoria’s fangs ached in anticipation as she slipped unnoticed back into the throngs of humans scurrying to escape the invasion. Her eyes perused the panicked crowd like items on a menu.


Nth Degree 2006

Firewall was published by Nth Degree Magazine in May 2006. In a world with psychic controlled servers, corporate espionage gets cerebral and firewalls get surreal.