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MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/513 MI 3D.jpg test description UPDATED ..again and again.. now with feeling xxx


Firewall was published by Nth Degree Magazine in May 2006. In a world with psychic controlled servers, corporate espionage gets cerebral and firewalls get surreal. MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Nth Degree.gif

Crypt Hound

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/HUNGUR 3.jpg Crypt Hound was published by HUNGUR Magazine in May 2007. Victoria’s fangs ached in anticipation as she slipped unnoticed back into the throngs of humans scurrying to escape the invasion. Her eyes perused the panicked crowd like items on a menu.

Morbid Silence

Morbid Silence was published by HUNGUR Magazine in May 2008. Tradition dictated that Victoria hunt Luke down but Victoria didn’t need tradition telling her what to do; the bastard had taken her blood and she was going to wring it from his ashes. MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/HUNGUR 1.jpg

Ghosts of Liberty

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Ghosts of Liberty 001.png Ghosts of Liberty, Sonar4, 2009. The Grey Ghost seized The Liberty of the Stars, what they were here for. But Greg had what he wanted, hundreds of Derelicts, just as he’d predicted! Now he needed to get to civilization and away from these criminals.

Happy Pills and Candy Bars

Happy Pills and Candy Bars was published by HUNGUR #6, May 2009. The old, grey Captain just wanted to fill those cargo drones with ore until he had enough money to cruise around in a house shuttle. I’m pretty sure he was trying to kill me. MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/HUNGUR 2.jpg

Yule Time True

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/baby_xmas.png Unpublished Short - As Roy was about to lift the book, a black paw pushed the book down. Roy found himself staring into vicious, yellow eyes. “He’s a personality detector," explained Laurel, "and boy did he work on my last two loser boyfriends."

The Last Mortician

The Last Mortician was published by Pariah in 2010. “I couldn’t take another one jumping out of the coffin,” said Owen as he sat in the tavern by the deep red sea. He’d been the town’s only mortician. Now he’d go down as the planet’s last mortician. MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Pariah.jpg

Trademark a Tragedy

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Trademark - a Tragedy.png Trademark a Tragedy was published by Nth Degree, April 2010. Fear swells his eye. The bar code scanner falls, scanning on its way down. Beep. Beep. Beep. Kevin runs for the panic button but too late. A heavy legal document stops him in his tracks.

Type II Agoraphobia

Type II Agoraphobia, Pariah, 2011. Shane, at the end of a cord of six and seven year-olds tied to Janet’s waste, had it looped, thwarting Janet’s attempt to get away from his questions. Another boy tested the cord by lunching himself into space. MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Pariah.jpg

The Laughing Bombs

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Bewildering Stories-moon.jpg The Laughing Bombs, a surreal trek through the front lines of war, was published by Bewildering Stories, November 2011, their 4th Quarterly Review 2011, and their Annual Review 2011, The Mariner Awards.

Heroes of the Hydra

Heroes of the Hydra, Bewildering Stories, 2012. “Don’t stop counting!” yelled an unfamiliar woman in an unfamiliar uniform. Hank realized he wore a uniform like hers. “1- 2-3! 1-2-3!” she ordered before firing out the window. “Don’t stop counting!” MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Bewildering Stories-moon.jpg

The Hero Rush

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Bewildering Stories-moon.jpg Bewildering Stories published "The Hero Rush" in 2012. It was also featured in Bewildering Stories’ Quarterly Review.

Lost Helix . . . Chapter 1, The Piranha and the Goldfish

The station’s security was pathetic; they really should’ve put his dad on fixing this junk pile, not that it would’ve stopped DJ. Finding the 23:30 data burst, DJ added his worm and then waited for her name… or an error that a firewall ate his worm. MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Lost Helix.png

The -Ghost- Lost Ship

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Nth Degree.gif The -Ghost- Lost Ship was published by Nth Degree in 2013. Ed smoked menthols. He salvaged them from an old space freighter. Of course, to him they were just freighters. I mean, he’s in space so why would he call them space freighters? Really?

What Would Your R2 Do?

R2-D2’s main job seemed to be computer hacking. If you had an R2 unit, what would you want it to be able to do? #SCSciFi MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/R2D2.png

From Midnight to Silence . . . Chapter 2, Relentless Spirits

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/FMTS.png Before turning for home, Victoria swung her primary array in toward the heart of Sector Silence, in toward a certain star with a certain planet that lay beneath a shroud of never parting mist.

The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/DK Yule.png

The Little Creative Interview: Scott Coon

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/dInterviews.png Scott Coons short stories have appeared in Sonar 4, HUNGUR, Pariah, and other magazines. “The Hero Rush” was featured in Bewildering Stories’ Quarterly Review and “The Laughing Bombs” was chosen by Bewildering St

Paperback Philosophy- A Poem

This is a fun, little poem that I wrote some time ago. MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/PB_Phil.png

Overcoming Writer’s Block…The Programmer’s Way

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/fWriting.png Overcoming Writer’s Block…The Programmer’s Way

The Night of the Stirring Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Stirring.png

Jurassic Park – Pokémon Nexus

MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/JPP-003.png Jurassic Park – Pokémon Nexus

Cyber Thones

Cyber Thones MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/GoT_CP.jpg

An easier way to learn...

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/TrainYourDragon.png An easier way to learn...

From Midnight to Silence

For millennia, the vampires of Space Station Midnight have stayed hidden in the void beyond the edge of the galaxy, feeding on their human slaves and soldiers. Now “wild” humans fill the Milky Way and some yearn to hunt once more. MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/FMTSch1t9.png

The Little Creative Interview with Pippa Jay

MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/PippaJay201501.png The Little Creative Interview with Pippa Jay ... Never give up - never surrender!

The Little Creative Interview with Maxwell Alexander Drake

The Little Creative Interview with Maxwell Alexander Drake ... I never know where the next spark of an idea will come from. MISSING FILE- UL_Imgs/Drake201501.png

What is VOICE

MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/fWriting.png VOICE is the general feel of your work relative to other writers. VOICE is what comes out of the choices you make when writing and editing your story. From word choice to plot structure, these decisions happen at every level of your story. Which words do you choose? How do you structure your sentences and paragraphs? Which details do you focus on to tell your story? How do you structure your stories and chapters? Each of these subjects could be a lesson, book, or lifelong study but together they are your writing voice. I will address each question to help you understand what voice is and what it should be.

The Little Creative Interview with P Andrew Miller

The Little Creative Interview with P Andrew Miller - Professor of creative writing as well as coordinator for creative writing at Northern Kentucky University MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/ILIW-PAndrewMiller.png

The Workforce Drive

MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/BWknot.jpg The two McKenna Mining Incorporated employees inside the shuttle had no idea that Bob was out on their hull. Their ignorance was essential because Bob’s job was that of the mythical gremlin.

Nice Things Happening to Good People

Melvin is born into a world where people--and animals--can conjure anything they want and turn themselves into anything they want to be. Everything is always okay and it always will be thanks to the CLIPAs, the extra voice in each person\'s head. But to Melvin, it\'s all too weird to be real. And if this utopia is real, why can\'t he just enjoy it like everyone else? MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/DSC_0001.JPG


MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/fWriting.png This document contains the structural mask that I use as guidelines for every plot I develop now. This includes my explanation of each part and a link to a YouTube video where a professor walks you through this same concept. Download the RTF and use it as your outline helper.

Log Lines and QuiersLog Lines and Quiers

Before an editor or agent reads one word of you novel, they will read your cover letter. It is the most important writing that a yet-to-be-published author will do in their writing project. MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/Log Lines and Queries.pdf

Log Lines and Queries

MISSING FILE- ./UL_Imgs/IconLogo2.bmp Before an editor or agent reads one word of you novel, they will read your cover letter. It is the most important writing that a yet-to-be-published author will do in their writing project.