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Please enjoy these previews of my novels.

My novels are currently looking for homes. Once, they find them you will be sure to find more information about it here.


Nice Things Happening to Good People

Melvin is born into a world where people--and animals--can conjure anything they want and turn themselves into anything they want to be. Everything is always okay and it always will be thanks to the CLIPAs, the extra voice in each person\'s head. But to Melvin, it\'s all too weird to be real. And if this utopia is real, why can\'t he just enjoy it like everyone else?


From Midnight to Silence

For millennia, the vampires of Space Station Midnight have stayed hidden in the void beyond the edge of the galaxy, feeding on their human slaves and soldiers. Now “wild” humans fill the Milky Way and some yearn to hunt once more.


Lost Helix . . . Chapter 1, The Piranha and the Goldfish

The station’s security was pathetic; they really should’ve put his dad on fixing this junk pile, not that it would’ve stopped DJ. Finding the 23:30 data burst, DJ added his worm and then waited for her name… or an error that a firewall ate his worm.